10 Easter Basket Ideas That Don’t Include Candy!

Easter Basket Fillers - Sidewalk Chalk

When it comes to filling my boys’ Easter baskets, I try to choose things that they will really enjoy for more than one day. Most of the little trinkets that many stores sell as Easter basket fillers tend to break within hours, leaving the kids in tears. And although my boys do get some candy, I make sure that sweets don’t take over the majority of their baskets. Here’s a list of 10 Easter Basket Ideas That Don’t Include Candy that the Easter Bunny will be bringing to my boys this year. 

Easter Basket Ideas

1. Sidewalk Chalk

Along with Easter, comes Spring! That means lots of time outdoors (FINALLY!). Sidewalk chalk is always a hit with kids and this year I found some really cool giant chalk pencils that I know my boys are going to flip over! Honestly, I can’t wait to try them out myself!

Easter Basket Ideas - Sidewalk Chalk

2. Play-Doh

Play-Doh never gets old around here. My boys will literally sit at the table and play with this stuff for hours. Unfortunately, they are constantly mixing colors and always manage to turn their Play-Doh grey. A couple new containers is sure to bring a smile to their faces!

Easter Basket Ideas - Play-Doh

3. Bubbles

Another Easter basket must is Bubbles! I found adorable egg shaped bubble bottle necklaces at OrientalTrading.com. They are definitely going to make a great addition to our Easter baskets!

Easter Basket Ideas - Bubbles

Photo by OrientalTrading.com

4. Action Figures/Princesses

My boys love playing with “big guys” so the Easter bunny will be bringing them a Batman and Green Goblin this year. I found both for around $10 at Walmart.

Easter Basket Ideas - Action Figures

5. Bug Catcher

My boys just love bugs so to help them get up close and personal, they will be getting bug catcher kits in their Easter baskets! The kits include a net, tweezers, and a container to hold the bugs.

Easter Basket Ideas - Bug Catcher

Photo by Amazon.com

6. Magnifying Glass

To make my boys’ bug hunts a little easier, they will also be getting magnifying glasses. I wanted to get them ones that actually worked well, and not just cheap kid toys. The Carson Big Eye Magnifiers got great reviews on Amazon, so that’s the one I went with.

Easter Basket Ideas - Magnifying glass

Photo by Amazon.com

7. Binoculars

Spring is also a great time to go bird watching so each of my boys will be getting binoculars in their Easter baskets. After much research, I found that the Backyard Safari Field Binoculars would best fit our needs. They certainly don’t need professional binoculars but I also didn’t want cheap toys that didn’t work. According to the reviews, these will be perfect for us!

Easter Basket Ideas - Binoculars

Photo by Amazon.com

8. Putty

Putty is always fun to play with. I found some Easter eggs filled with putty at OrientalTrading.com that I think my boys will really enjoy.

Easter Basket Ideas - Putty

Photo by OrientalTrading.com

9. Stacking Tops

My boys love tops and while searching for Easter Basket Fillers online, I came across stacking tops. I remember playing with these when I was little, and loving them. I just had to get a set for each of my boys.

Easter Basket Ideas - Stacking Tops

Photo by Amazon.com

10. Punch Balls

The Easter bunny has brought Punch Balls for my boys every single Easter and they never get old. I love these Easter themed punch balls from OrientalTrading.com.

Easter Basket Ideas - Punch Balls

Photo by OrientalTrading.com

If you’re still looking for more ideas, check out my blog post “19 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids (No Candy!)“. Many of those gift ideas would also be perfect for Easter baskets! And of course, Pick-Ease would also make a great addition to your little one’s Easter Basket!

Easter Basket Ideas - Pick-Ease

Happy Easter!