10 Halloween Books For Preschoolers

Halloween Books for Preschoolers

Halloween is right around the corner! Get your little ones in the Halloween spirit with these 10 silly Halloween Books For Preschoolers!

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1. Crankenstein by Samantha Berger

This book is about a little boy who wakes up in a very cranky mood! He is, of course, referred to as “Crankenstein”. Throughout the story you will read about everything that goes wrong during Crankenstein’s day. Poor Crankenstein can only respond with “MEHHRRRR!”.  At the end, you find that laughter is the best cure for such crankiness! One of my little ones can have quite the temper at times. After reading this book, when he gets upset, we now refer to him as “Crankenstein” which always makes him laugh!

Halloween Books for Preschoolers

2. Monster Trouble! by Lane Fredrickson

Every night, noisy, growling monsters sneak into little Winifred’s bedroom. After many failed attempts at trying to catch these monsters, Winifred finally figures out how to keep the monsters away. Apparently, monsters HATE kisses! This book is so much fun to read and my boys absolutely love the illustrations.
Halloween Books For Preschoolers

3. Pinkalicious – Pink or Treat by Victoria Kann

Due to a storm knocking out all of the power in Pinkville, the mayor has cancelled Halloween! Can Pinkagirl find a way to save Halloween for all the neighborhood kids? My boys love Pinkalicious and so do I! Halloween Books for Preschoolers

4. Monsters Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort

This is such a silly, easy to read rhyming book about Monsters who love underpants! My boys think the pictures are hilarious and want me to read this one over and over again! Halloween Books For Preschoolers

5. Go Away Big Green Monster By Ed Emberley

Go Away Big Green Monster is a fun and colorful book that has been a favorite of my boys’ for years! The pages are created with different diecut pieces that gradually reveal a big green monster.  As you continue to turn the pages and read “You don’t scare me so go away….”, the monster’s features start to disappear. Ed Emberley’s Nighty Nighty Little Green Monster is the perfect book to follow up with!

Halloween Books for Preschoolers

6. Zombelina by Kristyn Crow

Zombelina loves to dance! Her mom decides that she should be a real ballerina and enrolls her in a class with real girls. Although Zombelina is an amazing dancer, stage freight overcomes her during her first recital and her zombie-like moans scare her audience away. Only her devoted family stay to cheer her on and she then dances the ballet debut of her dreams.Halloween Books for Preschoolers

7. Shake Dem Halloween Bones by W. Nikola-Lisa

Shake Dem Halloween Bones is the perfect Halloween book to sing and dance to! This definitely one that your little ones will want you to read over and over again!Halloween Books For Preschoolers

8. Pumpkin Party! by Maudie Powell-Tuck

This is an adorable Halloween book for little ones. Fox, mouse, and owl and their friends all dress up as pumpkins for a fun Halloween Party! This is a very easy to read, rhyming book that any child will love!

Halloween Books for Preschoolers

9. Llama Llama Trick or Treat by Anna Dewdney

We are huge fans of the Llama Llama books so when I saw this one, I had to grab it. Follow Llama Llama as he picks out his Halloween costume and pumpkin, and then goes Trick-or-Treating. This book is definitely geared towards younger children but my boys still love it!

Halloween Books for Preschoolers

10. Spooky Smells of Halloween by Mary Man-Kong

I had to save the best for last! My boys absolutely LOVE Spooky Smells of Halloween! In this story you will follow Sammy as he gets ready for his Halloween Party and then you get to party with him and his friends. After the party, everyone goes Trick-or Treating together. Throughout the book you will find scratch & sniff pages with lots of fun Halloween smells. My boys especially love the surprise smell at the end! Yuck!Halloween Books for Preschoolers

I hope you and your little ones have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

Happy Halloween