10 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

As much as I love Easter, I really dislike all the random trinkets and obscene amount of candy that most Easter baskets contain. Instead, I choose to fill my boys’ Easter baskets with some really cool things that I know they will enjoy for more than a day. Read on for 10 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas that the Easter Bunny will be delivering this year!

10 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

1. Puzzles

My boys have always been huge into puzzles so this year the Easter Bunny will be bringing each of them a new puzzle. Trolls for my little guy and Moana for my oldest. Both such amazing movies, by the way!

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

2. Pet Tornado

During a recent trip to the Boston Museum of Science, my boys discovered tornadoes and were absolutely amazed by them. When I spotted this small Pet Tornadoes on Amazon, I knew I had to get them!

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

3. Baseball Glove

Now that Spring is here, a couple of new baseball gloves were in order! I love the colors of these Franklin gloves!

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

4. Books

One can never have enough books in the house so going with the theme of their puzzles, I’ve also added a Trolls book and a Moana book to their baskets.

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

5. Slime Kit

What kid doesn’t love Slime? These glow in the dark kits are sure to be a hit!

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

6. Mini Basketball Game

While searching for Easter Basket ideas on Amazon, I came across some mini arcade games. There was basketball, speedball, bowling, and more! I went with basketball but saved the links to the others, as I think they would make great stocking stuffers!


7. Basketball

We recently moved into a new home and during the move I tossed all of the boys’ old, cracked balls so some new basketballs were definitely needed!


8. Character Tees

My boys certainly don’t need anymore clothing, but I just thought these shirts were adorable and Easter seemed like a good excuse to buy them!

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

9. Bubble Gun

Everyone loves bubbles but does anyone actually like blowing through those little wands? I know I sure don’t! Bubble guns are definitely a must in our house! They honestly never seem to last more than a season but I think they’re so worth the $10! I bought ours at Target but here’s a link to a similar one on Amazon.

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

10. Spring Pick-Ease

We obviously already have our Spring Pick-Ease set but this adorable Bunny and Chick are too cute not to share! Make mealtimes fun with Pick-Ease! This set is available on my website in both Blue and Yellow or Pink and Yellow.

Pick-Ease Spring Pack

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Happy Easter!