5 Easy Fathers Day Crafts For Kids

Fathers Day Crafts

Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, June 21st. If you haven’t already made some Father’s Day Crafts with your little ones, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite ideas that I found online and recreated with my boys to give you some inspiration.

Fathers Day Crafts

1. To The Moon…

“I love you to the moon and back” is a regular phrase in our home. To make this adorable picture, simply stamp your child’s foot onto a sheet of white paper, cut it out and glue onto a sheet of black paper. Have your child glue a triangle at the top and two more triangles on the sides to turn their foot print into a rocket. To complete the rocket, add two more triangles to the bottom, along with some fire. Next, have your child add a moon and some star stickers. I printed up the saying “I love you to the moon… and back” and glued it onto the picture.Fathers Day Crafts

2. Tool Box

Fathers Day CraftsHere’s a tool box card for the handy man dad. To make this adorable tool box, I folded a sheet of construction paper into threes, as shown. I have my boys glue on a black handle to the top, and a white rectangle on the front. I wrote “Happy Father’s Day” on the rectangle. I then had my boys color in a picture of a saw, hammer, and wrench that I found online. I cut out the tools and then had my boys glue them on the inside of the tool box. To complete this card, I wrote “I couldn’t have built a better dad! I love you!” and then had my boys write their names.

Fathers Day Crafts

3. Superhero

This card was so easy to make and my boys absolutely loved creating it. First we painted one of their feet blue and then stamped it onto a sheet of white paper. I then added a blue stripe to be our superheroes arm. Once their foot print dried, they glued on a circle for the head, a circle for the hand, and a red cape. On the top of the paper, my boys wrote “Daddy”, and on the bottom I wrote “You’re my superhero!”Fathers Day Crafts

4. Fishing

Here’s another super simple Father’s Day Craft that’s great for the dad who likes to fish. To make this one, I traced my boys’ hands onto construction paper and then cut them out. Next I had my boys glue their hand print onto a sheet of paper. They added little red fish lips, and I drew on a fishing line and hook. At the top of the card I wrote “Fishing you a happy Father’s Day!” On the inside, my boys each wrote “I love you daddy” and their names. Fathers Day Crafts

5. Golf

This is the perfect card for the dad who likes to golf. Trace your child’s hand onto a sheet of green paper and cut out three copies. These hand prints will be your grass. Have your child glue the hand prints along the bottom of the card. Next have them add a golf tee and a circle for the golf ball. Next write “You are the best dad by par”.Fathers Day Crafts

Wishing all of the wonderful Daddies out there a very Happy Father’s Day!