5 Easy New Years Crafts For Kids

New Years Crafts For Kids

Bring in the New Year with these Easy New Years Crafts For Kids! These crafts are sure to be a hit at any kids’ party! They’re also a great way to pass the time as you and your little ones wait for the clock to strike 12! 

Noisemaker Cups

New Years Crafts For Kids - NoisemakersYou’ll need two cups, tape, and buttons or rice to make these fun noisemakers. Have your child pour buttons or rice in one of the cups. We used both for a mixed sound. Tape the two cups together. Your child can then decorate the cups however they wish. We used shiny star stickers. I also wrote Happy New Year 2015 in red Sharpie.

New Years Crafts For Kids - Noise Makers

2015 Pom Pom Craft

This is a super easy craft that kids will love making. Simply draw the year on a piece of construction paper. Fill in the numbers with glue and have your child add pom poms. This is a great way to build fine motor skills!

New Years Crafts For Kids - Pom pom craft

New Years Hat

To make this cute hat, cut out a crown shape from construction paper. Have your child color or decorate the hat. I also added “Happy New Year! 2015”. Tape the hat to a band that is sized to your child’s head.

New Years Crafts For Kids - Hat

New Years Glasses

My boys loved making these fun glasses. I cut the glasses and numbers out of red card stock. My boys then glue the numbers to the top of the glasses and decorated them with stickers and jewels. I added red pipe cleaners to tie the glasses around their heads.

New Years Crafts For Kids - Glasses

Paper Plate Noisemakers

To make these noisemakers, you’ll need paper plates, craft sticks, markers, and rice. Have your child decorate two paper plates. My boys colored on theirs, and added star stickers, and jewels. Once they are finished decorating, glue a craft stick to the bottom of one plate. Secure it in place with a bit of tape. Next, glue the two plates together. I also stapled the plates to make sure no rice would come out.

New Years Crafts For Kids - Noisemakers

May the New Year bring joy, peace, and happiness to you and your family! Happy New Year!