6 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

Indoor Activities For Kids

We’ve been stuck indoors a lot this winter and I’ve had to get a little creative to keep my boys entertained. I’ve pulled together 6 super easy Indoor Activities For Kids to help you get through all of these snow days! 

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6 Indoor Activities For Kids

1. Snow Paint

To make “Snow Paint”, mix equal parts of shaving cream and school glue. Adding glitter to your mix will make your child’s picture sparkle. The paint will dry puffy, which my boys thought was pretty cool.

Indoor Activities For Kids - Snow Painting

2. Homemade Foam

Pour 1/2 Cup of water in a large bowl. Add 4 Tbsp of dish soap and mix on high for 2 minutes. We also added color bath tabs to turn our foam blue, but white foam is just as much fun! This was one of my boys’ favorite activities! They really enjoyed making their “guys” swim around in the foam.

Indoor Activities For Kids - Homemade Foam

3. Bubble Towers

This is such a simple activity but it really held my boys’ attention for a long time. Just add a small amount of water to a plastic cup and then pour in a little dish soap. Have your child blow into a straw to create bubbles. My boys loved trying to see who could make the biggest bubble tower! I did place the cups inside a cake pan to catch any spills.
Indoor Activities For Kids - Bubbles pickease_web_ebook-cta-(640).v1a-02

4. Fake Snow

We have plenty of snow outside but we decided to make some that wouldn’t melt while we played indoors with it. To make this fake snow, add 1/2 Cup of white hair conditioner to 3 Cups of baking soda. I actually used 9 Cups of baking soda and 1.5 Cups of conditioner to get the amount of snow that’s shown in the pics. My boys played with their beach toys in it for awhile and then decided to bury their guys in it. This snow is so soft and molds well.

Indoor Activities For Kids - Fake Snow

5. Painting Snow

Once my boys were done playing in the fake snow we made, I decided to let them paint it. I filled three squirt bottles with water and added color bath tabs. I then let my boys create their masterpieces. They really had a blast with this. I actually ended up filling the bottles 3 times! Tomorrow we will head outside and paint the real snow!

Indoor Activities For Kids - Painting Snow

6. Ice Towers

Indoor Activities For Kids - Ice TowerOf all the activities I listed, the ice tower was by far my boys’ favorite! Simply fill a large cup with water and add an assortment of items. Some that float and some that don’t. Place the cup in the freezer. Once the water is completely frozen, run the cup under warm water to loosen the ice. Place your ice tower in a baking pan. Give your child tools for them to try to melt and break apart the ice to dig out the items that are frozen inside. My boys used warm water and paint brushes, spoons, toy hammers and screw drivers, and salt. They must have worked on these towers for at least an hour, and when they were finally finished, they asked to make new ones for the next day!

Indoor Activities For Kids - Ice Tower

I’m sure your kids will enjoy each of these Fun Indoor Activities! I’d love to hear what you do to keep your little ones busy. Please share your ideas with me on Facebook or Twitter!