Aviation Preschool Ideas – Worksheets, Crafts, and Books

Aviation Preschool Ideas

November is National Aviation History Month. During the first week of November, I taught my daycare children all about aviation and it’s different forms. We learned that the first form of man-made flying objects were kites. We also learned about hot air balloons, airplanes, and helicopters. Here are some great Aviation Preschool Ideas to help you teach your little ones all about aviation!

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Aviation Preschool Ideas – Worksheets

While searching for Aviation Preschool Ideas on the internet, I was thrilled when I came across the Our Little Monkeys Blog! Our Little Monkeys is written by Dawn, a former second grade teacher who is now a stay at home mom of three little ones. Dawn uses her blog as a way to document her family’s daily activities and special events, as well as her home school activities. Our Little Monkeys provides hundreds of different themed printables and ideas. From now on, Our Little Monkeys will be one of the first sites I visit when looking for new ideas for my daycare kids! All of the worksheets in this post were downloaded from Our Little Monkeys’ Little Pilots Tot Pack.

The first set of worksheets we did were letters A and F, and counting. My daycare children are working their way through the alphabet and we are currently on letter F, so these sheets were perfect for us. The kids traced letter A for airplane and letter F for fly. We then counted the pilots, airplanes, and stars and circled the correct number.

Aviation Preschool Ideas - Worksheets

In the worksheet on the left, the kids had to find and circle the picture that was different from all the rest. On the worksheet to the right, the kids had to count and color the number of objects stated in the sentences.

Aviation Preschool Ideas

This next set of worksheets required the children to do some matching. On the left, the children needed to match the same sized objects and on the right, they had to match the pictures to their shadows.

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Aviation Preschool Ideas – Games

The kids all loved this spin and graph game, which was also found on the Our Little Monkeys Blog. They had to roll the dice and place a sticker in the correct object’s box until one of the objects was rolled 10 times. We then talked about the graph and answered the corresponding questions together.

Aviation Preschool Ideas

Aviation Preschool Ideas – Crafts

For our first craft we made clothespin airplanes. All you need to make one of these adorable airplanes is a clothespin, paint, craft popsicle sticks (I used colored foam ones) and some glue. Have your child paint their clothespin their favorite color. Once the paint dries, glue on the popsicle sticks as pictured. It’s as easy as that. The children loved flying around the room with their new airplanes!

Aviation Preschool Ideas

For our second craft, I drew a hot air balloon onto a piece of white construction paper. I then cut out different shapes and had the children glue them onto the matching shapes in the balloon. These came out so cute and the kids loved putting them together!

Aviation Preschool Ideas

Aviation Preschool Ideas – Books

Three of the books we incorporated into our Aviation theme were Amazing AirplanesI am Amelia Earhart, and Flying! The Curious Kids Book About Airplanes, Aviation, and Space Travel.

I hope you find these Aviation Preschool Ideas helpful! A special thank you goes out to Dawn from Our Little Monkeys for putting together the amazing worksheets I included in this post!pickease_web_ebook-cta-(212).v1a-01