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Fruit Snail Fun Recipes for Picky Eater

A Fruit Snail Snack

Recently my fussy eaters have been obsessed with bugs, slugs, and snails. So I put together this fun fruit snack in the shape of a snail. This takes no time at all and makes mealtime so much more fun!

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Strawberry Crab Fruit Recipe For Picky Eater

How To Make a Fun Strawberry Crab

Today for breakfast I made a meal that any picky eater can’t resist. It featured a fun crab made out of strawberries on the beach with a fun grape tree.

For this recipe you will need:
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Kid Friendly Toothpick

Pick-Ease Launches From A Dream

Studies show that by the age of two, 50% of children in the United States are considered picky eaters by their parents. Now, I have a product to help!

As a 31-year-old mother of two and an early childhood educator, I have come across many picky eaters. I learned that many children would eat their food once it was served on a toothpick. Obviously, toothpicks are not safe to give to a young child, so, when my oldest son became one of those picky eaters at the age of 22 months, I turned to the internet for some other ideas.

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No More Dinner Battles!

After a long day of drop-offs, pick-ups, play-dates, and lessons (not to mention a full day’s work!), you come home and get busy on a healthy meal for your kids that you know they’ll love.

You call them to the table, proudly place it in front of them…and watch in horror and frustration as they turn up their noses and shove it away.

Believe me, I’ve been there. And I’m here to help.
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