Zootopia Birthday Party

Disney Zootopia Birthday Party Ideas

If you have little ones, then you’re well aware of the fact that the big movie these days is the new Disney movie, Zootopia. Both of my boys have been obsessed with it since we saw it in the movie theater! The Easter bunny even brought baskets filled with all of the Zootopia “guys”, which was very fitting seeings how the main character is a bunny – Judy Hopps. Last weekend we celebrated my sweet baby boy’s 6th birthday and of course, he requested a Zootopia Birthday Party. If you follow my blog, you know I’m a huge party planner. Well, unfortunately, since this is such a new movie, there weren’t very many Zootopia Birthday Party ideas online. This just meant that I had to get creative. Read on to see how I pulled together the perfect Zootopia Birthday Party! Read More

Disney Inside Out Birthday Party Ideas

Disney Inside Out Birthday Party Ideas

The big Summer movie this year was Disney Inside Out. Our whole family loved the movie and I was pretty excited when my son told me that Inside Out was the theme he wanted for his fourth birthday party. As always, I jumped on Pinterest to start searching for Disney Inside Out Birthday Party Ideas but unfortunately I was unable to find many that I loved. I’m assuming it’s because the movie is still very new. This just meant that I had to get creative. I hope you like the ideas that I came up with!  Read More

Superhero Birthday Party

Superhero Birthday Party Ideas – Avengers & Power Rangers

Last year my oldest son was obsessed with Frozen. This year, at age 5, it’s Superheroes. The Avengers and Power Rangers, to be specific. To my surprise, when I started researching “Superhero Birthday Party Ideas”, I couldn’t find many that I liked. This meant that I had to get creative. Personally, I love party planning so this was lots of fun for me. In this blog post, I’ll show you how you can pull together an amazing birthday party for your little Superhero.  Read More

Rescue Vehicles Birthday Party

Rescue Vehicles Birthday Party Ideas

When my son, Caleb, was turning 3, he was obsessed with rescue vehicles. Firetrucks were definitely his favorite but he really loved them all. For his third birthday, I thought it would be fun to have a rescue vehicles birthday party, complete with a gourmet hot dog stand – true fire station style! Read More

Monstes Inc Birthday Cake

Monsters Inc Birthday Cake – DIY

For Joshua’s 3rd birthday party, he requested a Monsters Inc theme. Right away, I jumped online to find some cake ideas. All of the Monsters Inc birthday cakes were absolutely adorable. I showed Joshua his options and he immediately chose Mike Wazowski sitting on top of a Sulley cake. He pointed at the picture on the computer and then looked over at me and in his cute little voice said “Mommy, I love that cake but can you please make Boo for me too?” A Monsters Inc Birthday Cake just isn’t complete without Boo, so of course I said yes. Read More

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas To Help You Throw The Perfect Party

I come from a pretty big family and we all love spending time together. Last year I decided that we should add an annual Halloween Party to our list of get-togethers. My boys were 2 and 3 at the time, and old enough to participate in games with their little cousins so I started the party planning process. I’ve compiled a list of all my Halloween Party Ideas to help you throw a successful Halloween Party of your own!  Read More