Do You Have a Plan of A-Snack? Try These 8 On-The-Go Autumn Snack Ideas

What could possibly grind your gears more than chaperoning picky eaters while running errands on a tight schedule?

If you’re a busy parent, a babysitter, or a family member that periodically chips in when called upon, then you’ve experienced this recipe for disaster firsthand.

That’s why we’re here to make a stand against the tyranny of the on-the-go picky eater by providing you with a pantry’s worth of edible ammunition.

Here are 8 snack-strategies that will prove irresistible even to the most particular of palates.

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Disney Inside Out Birthday Party Ideas

Disney Inside Out Birthday Party Ideas

The big Summer movie this year was Disney Inside Out. Our whole family loved the movie and I was pretty excited when my son told me that Inside Out was the theme he wanted for his fourth birthday party. As always, I jumped on Pinterest to start searching for Disney Inside Out Birthday Party Ideas but unfortunately I was unable to find many that I loved. I’m assuming it’s because the movie is still very new. This just meant that I had to get creative. I hope you like the ideas that I came up with!  Read More

Macombers Blueberry Farm

Macombers Blueberry Farm in Coventry, RI – PYO Blueberries

Pick Your Own fruit and veggies is something my family really enjoys doing together, and years ago we discovered the perfect place to pick our blueberries. Macombers Blueberry Farm is a beautiful 2 acre farm located in Coventry, RI. It is definitely a bit of a drive for us but it’s so worth it, and has become an annual tradition we all look forward to. Read More

Fourth of July Snack Ideas

5 Easy Fourth of July Snack Ideas

If you follow my blog, you already know that I love making food fun for my boys! In this post, I’ll share some Fourth of July Snack Ideas that you can make to make mealtimes fun for your little ones! Read More

Insect Crafts - Grasshopper

5 Simple Insect Crafts For Kids (Plus Bonus Snack Idea!)

During this past month, my boys and I watched 5 caterpillars transform into butterflies, and nearly 200 baby praying mantises hatch from a praying mantis egg pod so it seemed fitting that we add “insects” as one of our daycare themes. Throughout the week, we created the following really cute, and super simple Insect Crafts with our daycare friends.  Read More