Christmas Tree Crafts For Kids

Christmas Tree Crafts

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without my boys’ arts and crafts hanging on every wall and in every window of our home. Here are some super fun Christmas Tree Crafts for you to try with your little ones!

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Paint Sample Christmas Tree Crafts

Christmas Tree CraftsI absolutely love these little Christmas Trees! All you need to make them is some paint samples that you can grab for free at any hardware store, some buttons, glue, and a sticker star. I always purchase craft buttons from Oriental Trading. They have a huge selection to choose from and are very reasonably priced. To make your tree, cut a triangle out of your paint sample strip using the template shown in the picture to the right. Next, have your child pick out a few of their favorite buttons. Add some glue to the back of the buttons and have your child place them on the tree. If you have star stickers available, place one on top of your tree.

Christmas Tree Crafts

Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

This craft is so simple, even the youngest children can do it! Using a piece of felt, cut out a Christmas Tree shape. Wrap a sparkly pipe cleaner around the tree. Next, have your child glue on small pom poms. Using a hole puncher, poke a hole at the top of your tree. Add a piece of yarn as a hanger.

Christmas Tree Crafts

Stained Glass Christmas Tree Window Hanger

2014-17-12--18-49-19These are my favorite Christmas Tree Crafts! They look amazing in the windows, when the sun shines in! To make these Christmas Trees, you will need tissue paper, laminating sheets, green card stock, and yarn. Cut out a tree shape out of a laminating sheet. Have your child place tissue paper squares on the sticky side of the laminating sheet. Once they have covered the entire sheet, place a second sheet on top, sealing the tissue paper in between the laminating sheets. Next, make a tree shaped border out of green card stock. Tape the border around the tree shaped laminating sheet. Using a hole puncher, poke a hole at the top of the tree. String yarn through for the hanger.

Christmas Tree Crafts

Craft Stick Christmas Tree Ornament 

Christmas Tree CraftsI found green and red craft sticks at our local dollar store. Perfect for holiday crafts! Using the green sticks and some buttons, my boys made these adorable Christmas Tree ornaments. Glue three craft sticks into a triangle shape. Next, put a dab of glue on each button and have your little one place them onto the triangle. Once the glue has dried, tie some ribbon at the top to make the hanger. Adorable!

Christmas Tree Crafts

These Christmas Tree Crafts have each been marked with the date on the back and I will cherish them for years to come. Make sure to date your crafts too! Merry Christmas, everyone!