Disney Frozen Birthday Party Ideas – Great For Children

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas Costume

Like most kids, my son is obsessed with Frozen… So when his birthday rolled around, it was quite obvious what theme he was going to pick. I’m that mom that gets really into party planning. I enjoy looking for themed food and decoration ideas but it is really time consuming. To make your life easier, I’ve created a list of all our themed ideas for Caleb’s Frozen birthday party!Frozen Birthday Party Ideas DIY

DIY Decoration

I purchased all of our “Frozen” tableware online from OrientalTrading.com. They had the best price and a great selection. Balloons were purchased on Amazon, and I made paper snowflakes to hang all around our yard. Instead of a table cloth, I used quilt batting on our themed food table to get the look of snow. It worked out really well! I used sparkly blue and silver glitter cardstock (found at Michael’s Arts & Crafts) to make the frames for my food cards. That was a huge hit! What four year old doesn’t love sparkles??
Pick-Ease Frozen Cards

Frozen Birthday Party Food Ideas

For some creative and easy food ideas I took inspiration from the Frozen movie. I took quotes or ideas from different scenes and built food dishes around them. Then I printed out cards with images from the movie and put cute little phrases on them.

“What’s that amazing smell? Chocolate!” – Chocolate fountain with strawberriesFrozen Birthday Theme Food Ideas
“Do you want to build a snowman?” – Large marshmallows for body, small marshmallows for head, thin pretzel sticks for arms, chocolate chips for eyes and orange tic tacs for his noseFrozen Birthday Theme Food Snowman
“A kiss to melt a Frozen heart” – Hershey kisses. I used regular and cookies and cream because I liked the shiny blue wrapping!A Kiss to melt a frozen heart idea food birthday
“Frozen Hearts” – White fudge pretzelsFrozen hearts party idea food
“Sven Antlers” – Regular pretzelsFrozen Sven Party Food Idea
“We finish each other’s sandwiches” – Finger sandwiches. We had tuna, chicken and seafood salad. Yum!Frozen Sandwiches Party Idea
“Olaf Noses” – Carrots, of course. What a cute idea!Carrot Frozen Party Food Noses
“Anna’s Snowballs” – Giant marshmallows, placed near the chocolate fountain. I must have missed that one when taking the pics because I don’t have one of it! Opps!

Frozen Birthday Party Drink Ideas

  • “Melted Snowmen” – Bottled water
  • “Glacier Punch” – Blue Hawaiian Punch
  • “Snowflake Fusion” – Frost Glacier Cherry Gatorade
    Frozen Party Theme Drink Ideas

Frozen Themed Cake Ideas

Caleb’s birthday was on a weekday so I made two cakes. One for his actual birthday and another for his party. They were pretty involved so I wrote an entire post titled Frozen Themed Cake Ideas.Frozen Themed Birthday Cake Idea

Frozen Entertainment Ideas

We had a bouncy house for the kids (and the adults) and brought out an ice cream sundae bar after cake.
No Disney “Frozen” party would be complete without an appearance from the princesses themselves! Princess Anna and Queen Elsa stopped by to sing songs with the kids and even sang Happy Birthday to Caleb with us before they left! Of course, Caleb got super shy when he saw them but he still enjoyed it. All the kids did. It was an amazing party and my four year old loved it – That’s all that counts! 🙂

I hope these tips and easy DIY ideas help you plan the perfect “Frozen” party for your little princess or prince! Please reach out on Pinterest or Facebook to show me how your party turned out!Frozen T Shirt Birthday Boy