Family Fun at WW1 Park and Zoo in Attleboro, MA

WW1 Park and Zoo

As a family who loves spending time outdoors, we’re always looking for new places to bring our boys. Over the weekend, we discovered an amazing park in Attleboro, Mass – WW1 Park and Zoo. This park is only 25 minutes from our home so I’m really surprised that we had never been before. At WW1 Park and Zoo you’ll find a small petting zoo, a beautiful garden, a huge slide, playground areas, a large sandbox, multiple picnic areas, and nature trails.

WW1 Park and Zoo

Marcus Ralston Rotary Petting Zoo

The first spot we visited at the WWI Park and Zoo was the Marcus Ralston Rotary Petting Zoo. Before our trip, I did a little research on the park and read many posts saying that we should bring carrots and apples to feed the animals. In the picture below, you can see my youngest son is holding a bag of carrots. To our disappointment, there are signs posted on every fence stating that carrots and apples are not allowed. There is a machine in the zoo area where you can get grain for .25 to feed the animals, so we brought the carrots back to the car and filled our boys’ pockets with grain instead.WW1 Park and ZooIn the zoo you will find goats, deer, pigs, llamas, ponies, donkeys, pheasants, ducks, turkeys, and emus. All of the animals were very friendly and came right up to my boys to eat grain from their hands. WW1 Park and Zoo

WW1 Park and ZooInside the zoo area, there is also a small play space for toddlers. We didn’t play in this area but I did snap a couple pics to post. There are a few small climbers and slides, and a wooden train for little ones to play in. This space is definitely perfect for toddlers who might get pushed around in the larger playground.

Julia’s Garden

When you exit the zoo you will see Julia’s Garden on your left. Julia’s Garden is a memorial garden that was built for a little girl named Julia who passed away in 2003 from hemorrhagic pancreatitis after celebrating her 9th birthday. You can read Julia’s story here. In Julia’s Garden you will find a wishing well, waterfall, butterfly fountain, butterfly benches and perennial flower plantings. The flower garden includes three categories of flowers: butterfly attracting plants, a touchable sensory garden and a fragrant plant section. This area really is quite beautiful. 2015-03-6--09-34-12Julia’s parents also added a unicorn to Julia’s Garden. Unicorns are known in folklore to represent purity, innocence and magic. I think it was the perfect addition to such a beautiful place.WW1 Park and Zoo

The Fire Tower Slide

My boys’ favorite part of the WW1 Park and Zoo was the fire tower slide. This is definitely the biggest slide they have ever been on and boy were they excited! I can’t even count the number of times they went down! So much fun!WW1 Park and Zoo

The Playground

There are two sets of equipment at the WW1 Park and Zoo. One large playground with big slides, lots of bridges, a fire pole, and more. And then there’s a smaller playground with steps, a small rock wall, and slide. I really love when playgrounds accommodate children of different ages. WW1 Park and Zoo

There are also swings, a few different rockers, and a tower climber that my boys pretended was a cage. My boys happily played on every piece of equipment in the whole playground. WW1 Park and ZooWe definitely had an amazing time at the WW1 Park and Zoo. We spent close to 3 hours there and we didn’t even get to the sandbox area! There’s just so much to do at this amazing park. We’re already looking forward to our next visit! WW1 Park and Zoo

WW1 Park and Zoo

401 Elmwood St., North Attleboro, MA 02760