Confreda Farm – Fun For The Whole Family

Pumpkin Picking at Confreda Farm in RI

Last weekend my family and I headed to Confreda Farm, located in Hope, RI, for some pumpkin picking fun. We usually go to a much smaller patch every year but now that our boys are bit older, we wanted to go somewhere that had more to offer than just pumpkin picking. After asking around, Confreda Farm seemed to be a favorite pumpkin picking spot for many of our Rhode Island friends. 

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About Confreda Farm

Pumpkin Picking at Confreda Farm in RIConfreda Farm has been around since 1922 and consists of just over 400 acres of land! The Confreda Family is dedicated to providing customers with high quality produce, as well as a true family farm experience. At Confreda Farm you will find a farmers market, garden center, and an entire area dedicated to family fun.

Attractions at Confreda Farm

On Sunday morning, we arrived at Confreda Farm just as they were opening (10am). There wasn’t much of a crowd so we were able to walk around and see what Confreda’s had to offer. Of course, the first thing my boys noticed was the two bouncy houses at the far end of the field. The first thing I noticed was the amazing smell of Kettle Corn that filled the air. The kettle corn was delicious, by the way! Definitely get some during your visit to Confreda’s! There was also a flying animals kiddie ride, train ride, big tire swing, mini haystack maze, haystack mountain, and a mining station that was just added this year. We headed on over to the ticket booth and purchased a $10 bracelet for my 4yr old. With the bracelet, your child has unlimited access to the kiddie rides. Children 3 and under are free, so we only had to pay for one of our boys. Hayrides to the pumpkin patch for pumpkin picking are free for everyone.

Pumpkin Picking at Confreda Farm in RI - The Maize

Photo taken by Confreda Farm

Confreda Farm also offers “The Maize” – a huge 10 foot tall corn maze, the size of 7 football fields! The corn maze takes approximately an hour to complete and is filled with “learning activities for kids, challenges for adults, and FUN for all ages!” Admission into The Maize is $8 for everyone 4yrs and older. Confreda’s does offer a combo bracelet for kids which is $15 and gives them access to all kiddie rides, as well as The Maize. We didn’t experience The Maize this time, as I think my little one (3yrs old) is a bit too young for it. Maybe next year!

Fun At Confreda Farm

Although my boys loved everything about Confreda Farm, their absolute favorite was the upside down cow bouncy house. They loved zooming down the slide and went down it countless times. To my surprise, they even braved the huge inflatable slide that all the older kids were going down! My babies are getting too big!Pumpkin Picking at Confreda Farm in RI - Bounce House Pumpkin Picking at Confreda Farm in RI - Bounce HouseTheir second favorite thing at Confreda Farm was the flying animals kiddie ride. I think it’s safe to say they each rode every animal at least twice!Confreda Farm - Flying Animals RideMy boys (all three of them) also loved climbing the big haystack mountain a number of times, as well as playing on the giant tire swing! Confreda Farm HaystackConfreda Farm Tire SwingWe did stop by Confreda’s new mining station to check it out. There you can purchase bags of sand with hidden treasures in them. Different sized bags are different prices. We purchased a $6 bag and split it between both boys. I dumped half of the bag in each of the boys mining pans and they sifted through the waters until their treasures were revealed. They each found a handful or gems and were pretty excited about it. Confreda Farm Mining StationMy favorite part of our visit to Confreda Farm was the hayride out to the pumpkin patch. Like apple picking, pumpkin picking is something I look forward to every year. I truly enjoy spending the time with my family and watching my littles run around the fields, searching for just the right pumpkin. This year my boys picked out four “perfect” pumpkins.Confreda Farm - Pumpkin PickingBefore leaving, we stopped by the food court at Confreda Farm for lunch. The food was very reasonably priced and the servings were huge. You can choose from burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, pizza, and more. We were very happy with everything we ordered. My husband especially loved their roasted potatoes.Confreda Farm - LunchI have to say that I was extremely impressed with everything Confreda Farm has to offer. We spent four fun filled hours there and we all had a blast! We will definitely be going back every year from now on. I’m so excited to add Confreda Farm to our list of family traditions!Confreda Farm Pumpkin Picking