Fun Dinner Picnic At The Beach – The 4 Things I Always Pack

Kids at Rhode Island Beach

One of my absolute favorite ways to spend the evenings is at the beach with my family. We love to go around 4:30ish when the crowds die down and the sun isn’t quite so hot. I’ll pack us up a dinner picnic, usually consisting of sandwiches, veggies and fruit. Of course, we always bring the first child safe toothpick along with us since they help keep the kids’ sandy hands off of their food! RI Beach Trip With Kids

Although my boys can totally entertain themselves, my husband, Luke, and I love to jump right in and play with them. Splashing in the ocean, skipping rocks, collecting seashells… We want them to remember us being part of their fun and not just sitting on the sidelines. During our most recent evening beach trip, we decided to build a sand shark. The boys worked really hard collecting buckets of water so we could make the sand stick together and the whitest seashells for our shark’s teeth. They were so excited to watch the shark come together and just as excited to be able to squish it down when we were done. Building that sand shark is a memory that I will cherish always…That’s really what life is all about, right? Making memories…Shark Sand Beach

Here are some of our favorite items to bring to the beach:

  • Sand-Off Powder Infused Mitt:
    This mitt is amazing at getting the sand off of the kids before getting them back into the car. Rubbing the sand off a child with a regular beach towel just doesn’t work. A regular towel just makes the sand scratch their delicate skin, but with the powdered mitt, the sand just falls right off.
  • Pacific Play Tents One Touch Tent :
    Although we usually go to the beach in the evening, we sometimes go in the morning. When we do, we always bring this tent with us. It’s super easy to set up and take down and is the perfect shaded spot for kids when they need to get out of the sun for a bit. We got this one on Amazon.
  • Polar Bottle Dino Might Insulated Water Bottle :
    These are our favorite water bottles. They are the perfect size for boys, easy for them to open and close by themselves,  and they keep their drinks cold. We bring these water bottles with us everywhere! They have many different types on their website.
  • Heavy Duty Mesh Bag :
    We use a large mesh laundry bag to hold all of our sand toys. It’s super easy to throw everything into, and the drawstring keeps the bag closed nicely. Another huge plus is that you can shake the whole bag once you get back to your car and all the sand easily falls through the holes in the mesh bag, keeping it out of your car! You can find them on Amazon or their website.

If your kids love sharks make sure to check out this fun shark sandwich recipe! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and I hope it encourages you to play with your littles!  They grow up entirely way too fast…Shark Sand Beach
Sunset In Rhode Island