Halloween Party Ideas To Help You Throw The Perfect Party

Halloween Party Ideas

I come from a pretty big family and we all love spending time together. Last year I decided that we should add an annual Halloween Party to our list of get-togethers. My boys were 2 and 3 at the time, and old enough to participate in games with their little cousins so I started the party planning process. I’ve compiled a list of all my Halloween Party Ideas to help you throw a successful Halloween Party of your own! 

Halloween Party Decorations

I purchased the majority of our Halloween Party decorations at the Dollar Tree. They usually have a great selection of items. Just make sure you don’t wait until the last minute because chances are, they will sell out. I was a able to get a few life sized cut outs – Witch, Frankenstein, Skeleton. Also, I purchased a couple packages of black bat cut outs and other Halloween themed wall decorations, including a “Halloween” banner. I lined the bottom of the walls with pumpkin and tomb stone cut outs as well. And of course, a Halloween Party isn’t complete without plastic bats hanging from the ceiling.

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

Halloween Party Food

Halloween Party Food IdeasWe kept the Halloween Party menu pretty simple. Most of the food was made as fun decorations but that didn’t stop all of guests from eating it! Even though most of it looked pretty gross, it was all quite tasty! Aside from what is shown on my themed tables, we did have real food for our guests in the kitchen as well. Sandwiches, chourico and peppers, etc… We’re Portuguese and we like to eat!

Here’s a list of our Halloween Party themed food ideas:

  • “Puking Witch”- To make the witch, I cut a hole in the end of my watermelon and hollowed it out as you would a pumpkin. Then, I simply cut a hole on one side of the watermelon, for her mouth. Using the rind from the mouth cut out, I shaped the witches nose and stuck it to her face using toothpicks. I then carved in slits for her eyes. I filled a bowl with fruit, including the watermelon chunks from the witch, to make my fruit salad. I then piled the fruit salad to one side of the bowl and place a little of it into the witches mouth to make it look like she was vomiting. I then added a witches hat on top to complete my witch.
  • “Puking Pumpkin” – Because I could decide on if I wanted a puking witch or pumpkin at our Halloween Party, I decide to make both! For the pumpkin, I cut it open and cleaned it out completely. I then carved a hole for his mouth and slits for his eyes. I made Velveeta Mac N Cheese and added peas to it for the “vomit”. Just like the fruit salad, I piled the Mac N Cheese to one side of the bowl and placed some inside my pumpkin’s mouth.
  • Platter of Witch Hat and Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies.I made the chocolate chip cookies and a guest brought the witch cookies. Here are links to how both were made – Witch Hat Cookies & Spider Cookies
  • “Ear Wax Q-Tips” – This is another idea I found on Pinterest. Just place mini marshmallows on each end of a toothpick and add a little peanut butter to each marshmallow. Super easy and a great addition to any Halloween Party!
  • “Monster Eye Balls” – Another really easy Halloween Party food. Just place a sliced black olive on top of your deviled eggs to make the eye.
  • “Organs” – I found these amazing little gummy organs on OrientalTrading.com. Everyone loved them! Not only did they great, the tasted pretty good too!
  • Jack-O-Lantern Gum Balls – There isn’t a good picture of these but I they were super cute! I purchased them from OrientalTrading.com as well.

Halloween Party Food Ideas

Halloween Party Games

This party was all about the kids so I had to have a good list of games put together to entertain them. Here’s what I game up with:

  • Pin The Spider On The Web – Really easy… I just drew a spider web on a large piece of poster board and gave the kids cut out spiders. We blind folded them and whoever got the spider closest to the center won the game.
  • Witches Ring Toss – I purchased three cardboard witch hats from Michaels Arts & Crafts and painted them black. I added duct tape for the buckle and then glued the hats onto a large piece of cardboard. The rings we used were actually rings we already had for pool toys. Whoever got the most rings on the hats won the game.
  • Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss – I made this three layer pumpkin toss game with orange poster board purchased from Michaels Arts & Crafts. I drew on Jack-O-Lantern faces with a black marker, cut out holes for the mouths, and then glues them to a large box. The kids each took turns tossing 5 bean bags into the pumpkins’ mouths. The child who got the most bean bags in won the game.
  • Mummy Wrap – Everyone was split up into two groups and each group was given 4 rolls of toilet paper. Whichever group wrapped their mummy with the four rolls first won the game.
  • Donut on a String Game – This was everyone’s favorite and we played quite a few rounds of it. I hung 4 donuts from the ceiling and 4 contestants got on their knees in front of their donut. When I said “Go” they all had to try to eat their donut without using their hands. The person who finished first won the game.
  • Bobbing For Apples – Of course, bobbing for apples is a must at every Halloween Party. This was the last game we played so there were no real rules. Whoever wanted to try just went for it. It was fun and very messy and we all had some great laughs.

Halloween Party Games

Guess What’s Gross

Every Halloween Party needs a “Guess What’s Gross” box. Here’s a list of what I included in mine:

  • “Ears” – Dried Apricots
  • “Teeth” – Popcorn Kernels
  • “Guts” – Cold Spaghetti
  • “Heart” – Peeled Tomatoes
  • “Brain” – Head of Cauliflower
  • “Toes” – Baby Carrots

Halloween Party Guess What's Gross Game Halloween Party Guess What's Gross Game

This was such a memorable family party. Everyone had so much fun and we’re all looking forward to doing it all over again this year!

Halloween Party Ideas

I hope you’ve found my Halloween Party Ideas helpful! Be sure to share your Halloween Party pics with me! Happy Halloween, Everyone!