How To Make a Fun Strawberry Crab

Strawberry Crab Fruit Recipe For Picky Eater

Today for breakfast I made a meal that any picky eater can’t resist. It featured a fun crab made out of strawberries on the beach with a fun grape tree.

For this recipe you will need:

– Pieces of Cantaloupe
– 2 Blueberries
– 3 Strawberries
– 2 Pretzels
– 7 Grapes
– Oatmeal

To make the crab cut the strawberries in half. Then take one half and use it as the body. Take the other two halves and cut a triangle into them. They will be the claws of the crab. Next use the remaining strawberry to make arms, legs, and eyes. Finish the crab by using two blueberries as eyes.

Place your crab on a beach of oatmeal. You can use the cantaloupe to make a sun and the pretzels and grapes to make a tree.

Check out my other blog posts for fun recipes ideas for toddlers. A great tip for fussy eaters is to arrange the food in a fun scene!