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Macombers Blueberry Farm

Pick Your Own fruit and veggies is something my family really enjoys doing together, and years ago we discovered the perfect place to pick our blueberries. Macombers Blueberry Farm is a beautiful 2 acre farm located in Coventry, RI. It is definitely a bit of a drive for us but it’s so worth it, and has become an annual tradition we all look forward to.

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Macombers Blueberry Farm

Macombers Blueberry Farm was founded in 1985 and is owned and operated by John Macomber and his family. When you drive down the long dirt road and pull into the parking lot, you will be greeted by Mr. Macomber himself. This past weekend, we also got to meet two of his grandsons. The whole family is so very friendly, and that’s a huge part of why we continue to go back year after year.

Macombers Blueberry FarmMacombers Blueberry Farm started off as a Pick Your Own blueberry farm, but you can now call ahead and request already picked blueberries as well. Pick Your Own blueberries are very reasonably priced and $3.00/lb, and already picked blueberries are $4.25/lb. You can also find a variety of garden fresh veggies at the stand. Mr. Macomber also grows and sells some pretty amazing organic garlic!

Macombers Blueberry Farm is usually open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from July through August. Hours of operation vary, as the farm has to occasionally close for ripening. You can find up to date info on the Macombers Blueberry Farm website.

Macombers Blueberry Farm

Blueberry Recipes

After a trip to Macombers Blueberry Farm, you’re going to need some great blueberry recipes. Here are some of our favorites:

If you haven’t used up all your blueberries, toss them in a ziplock bag and freeze them! Blueberries freeze so well, and that way you can enjoy them all year long! Macombers Blueberry FarmIf you head over to Macombers Blueberry Farm, please tell him we sent you, and please feel free to share you blueberry picking pics with us!