Mothers Day 2016: Ideas For That Perfect Gift


Mothers Day 2016: Ideas For That Perfect Gift

No matter what stage of motherhood she is in, the mom you’re buying for could always use some appreciation. When we condense much of this acknowledgement into just one day, the dreaded question arises…what in the world do I get her?

While she usually won’t complain with a spa day or a gift card to Macy’s or T.J.Maxx, why not go for something she doesn’t expect? Here are 14 gift ideas to make sure Mother’s Day 2016 is a little extra special.

For the Mom Who Thrives on Elegance

Gold Mom Mug from Francesca’s – $16


Notice the “I love you” on the inside rim. This can be a weekly morning reminder of how much you value her in your life, and it looks beautiful, too.

For the Mom Who Needs a Coffee Alternative

Kusmi Tea Wellness Gift Set from Neiman Marcus – $16 (+ Free Shipping!)


This assortment of 42 teas – all made in France – represent a blend of six unique teas. The names include “Euphoria” and “Detox.” What mother wouldn’t fall in love with you all over again?

For the Mom Who Wants a Great Living Room Display

Willow Tree Figures – Price Varies


I get my mother one for every Christmas, birthday, and (of course) Mother’s Day. They fill the display cabinet in her living room. You can own 1 or 100, but Willow Tree Figures are a wonderful way to show love on Mother’s Day.

For the Mom Who Aims For Kitchen Consistency

Lidded 3-Tier Stackable Glass Dish by MyGift – $39.99 on Amazon


The only thing better than a transparent kitchen is an organized kitchen. With this, she gets both.

For the Mom Who Loves Sentimentality

Digital Photo Frame from Target – $39.99


Surprise her on Mother’s Day morning with this. Load it up with pictures of her family, especially those with her bundle(s) of joy. It’s low energy and rotates continuously to create a slideshow. Have her add to it over the years so that it becomes a virtual photo album for years to come.

For the Mom Who Just Needs a Good Night’s Sleep

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow from Coop Home Goods – $49.99 on Amazon


According to a mothers-tell-all article from Daily Mail, sleepless nights and sleep deprivation top the list of the biggest challenges faced by moms (outranking patience, chores, potty training, and sibling rivalry). Give her the gift of rest with one of the best-selling and highest-rated pillows on the web.

For the Mom Who Needs a Drink

Stemless Wine Glass from Etsy – $8


Okay, so maybe it isn’t the “perfect” gift for every mom. But when she’s ready to take a moment for herself on one of those nights, this may do the trick. It’ll also get a laugh out of company when they see this on the shelf.

For the Mom Who Misses the Gym Dearly

Fitbit – $75


When the parenting duties stack up, gym time can become a casualty of motherhood. If she doesn’t already have one, a Fitbit is a great way for moms to keep track of their physical health.

For the Mom Who Still Sends Letters

Personalized Calligraphy Stamp from Etsy – Price Varies


Announcing the arrival of a new member of the family? Maybe she’s planning to design her Christmas cards early this year. Or maybe she just loves to put her personal touch on everything. Regardless, this is perfect for the mother who has a special place in her heart for creativity (and the United States Postal Service).

For the Mom Who’s Trying to Go Digital

Kindle from Amazon – $79.99


As attached as some of us are to the traditional paper books, the Kindle is still a popular gift for anyone. If the mom you’re buying for still doesn’t have one, a Kindle is a good idea for a present that’s sure to go to use.

For the Mom Who Customizes

“My Greatest Blessings Call Me Mom” Frame from Etsy – $20/$30 (+ Free Shipping)


For the established mother, this is a great customizable gift. If her child is graduating this year or planning to move out, it’ll be a nice recognition of all she’s done. It could also serve as a sort of milestone if it’s her 10th, 20th, 50th (etc) year as a mom.

For the Mother Who Loves to Relate

“Listen to Your Mother” Book from Amazon – Less than $20


A collection of essays celebrating the joys, trials, struggles, smiles, and little and big moments of motherhood. For the reading mom or the mom who loves when she sees something that just seems to connect with her on a spiritual level, this book is perfect and doesn’t break the bank.

For the Mom You Want to Shock, Then Make Laugh

I Heart Mom Temporary Tattoo from Etsy – $5


It only lasts 2-6 days, so why not surprise her with a tattoo on her little guy or girl? Plus, it’ll make for a funny picture when that baby grows up.

For Every Mother

Starbucks Gift Card


When all else fails, go with what you know will work.