Pet Crafts For Preschoolers – Responsible Pet Owners Month

Pet Crafts For Preschoolers - Fish

February is National Responsible Pet Owners Month. This was a great time for me to talk to my daycare children about how important it is to take care of our pets. We discussed how our pets need to be fed, cleaned up after, played with, and taken to the doctor just like us. Here’s a collection of Pet Crafts For Preschoolers that you can use to make these conversations a bit more fun! 


To make this adorable hamster, cut out the shapes pictured below and have your child glue the pieces in the appropriate places. We followed this craft up with a one of our favorite books – Happy Birthday Hamster.

Pet Crafts For Preschoolers - Hamster


These silly kitties were made by cutting out an oval shape for the body, a circle for the head, two triangles for the eats, a tail, and four paws. Have your child glue the pieces in the appropriate places and add wiggly eyes. Have your child draw on a nose, mouth, and whiskers. After making this craft, we read a few Pete The Cat books. We love Pete The Cat!

Pet Crafts For Preschoolers - Cat

Guinea Pig

We actually have a pet guinea pig – Nala, so my boys loved making this cute little guinea pig craft. Simply cut out the shapes pictured below out of felt. Have your child glue the pieces in their appropriate places. This was such a simple craft, but working with soft felt made it lots of fun for the kids!

Pet Crafts For Preschoolers - Guinea Pig


We also have a pet fish – Avatar, so my boys enjoyed making these fun fish bowls. I cut out a fish bowl from white construction paper and drew a blue water line at the top of the bowl. I then had my boys color in three fish. When they finished, they glued the “rocks” to the bottom of the bowl while I cut out their fish. They then added a piece of seaweed cut from green construction paper. Finally, they added their fish to the bowl.

Pet Crafts For Preschoolers - Fish


These dogs were fun to make. I printed out a dog template that I found online, then had my boys dip their fingers into black paint and turn this white dog into a dalmatian. Of course, this craft was followed by the book 101 Dalmatians.

Pet Crafts For Preschoolers - Dog

Happy Responsible Pet Owners Month!

National Responsible Pet Owners Month