Pick-Ease Launches From A Dream

Kid Friendly Toothpick

Studies show that by the age of two, 50% of children in the United States are considered picky eaters by their parents. Now, I have a product to help!

As a 31-year-old mother of two and an early childhood educator, I have come across many picky eaters. I learned that many children would eat their food once it was served on a toothpick. Obviously, toothpicks are not safe to give to a young child, so, when my oldest son became one of those picky eaters at the age of 22 months, I turned to the internet for some other ideas.

After much research, I found that many other parents also routinely turn to toothpicks to encourage their children to eat. On the counter side, however, I found that while many parents agree that toothpicks worked, they don’t feel comfortable giving them to their young children. Then it dawned on me – “If so many people are already doing this, why hasn’t someone created a safer way to do it?” With that thought, two years of planning, and $25k of my own money, I created Pick-Ease, the only “kid-friendly” toothpick on the market.

Pick-Ease is a fun, new way to eat that piques the interest of all children–not just the picky ones! It was designed with a chunky handle, which is perfect for small hands to grasp. As a safety feature, the chunky handle also acts as a stopping point for the food, keeping it at the bottom of the utensil. Pick-Ease is available in four different colors and six different themes, making mealtime fun for everyone!