Pilgrims and Indians – Preschool Crafts

Pilgrims and Indians

With Thanksgiving just one week away, It’s important to me that my little ones know why we celebrate Thanksgiving. I think they should learn early on that there’s more to it than just eating lots of food and watching football. They should know the whole story about the Pilgrims and Indians. To give them a better idea of what Thanksgiving really is, this week we read multiple Thanksgiving books and created some really great Pilgrims and Indians crafts.

Thanksgiving Pilgrims and Indians Printable Book

We started the week off with a printable mini book that I found online – The First Thanksgiving. This was a simple story explaining how the pilgrims came to America on the Mayflower in 1620, and how the Indians helped the pilgrims. The story also reminds the children that Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for everything they have. After reading the story, the children colored the book and on the last page, we wrote down what they were most thankful for. I was happy to see that everyone was most thankful for their families.

Thanksgiving Pilgrims and Indians Printable Book

Indian Headdress

To create these adorable Indian headdresses, all you will need is a lots of colorful construction paper, scissors, and glue. Have the pieces cut out ahead of time to avoid a room full of antsy toddlers! Here’s a list of the pieces you will need to cut out for each headdress:

  • Pilgrims and Indians - Indian Headdress5 Feathers
  • One strip of fringed paper (I used orange)
  • Different colored triangles
  • One brown half circle
  • Two strips of brown paper (for the band)

To start, glue the half circle onto one of the brown strips of paper. Add the strip of fringed paper to the bottom of the half circle. Have your child glue different colored triangle above the fringed paper. Turn the half circle over and have your child glue the feathers to the back. Connect the other brown strip to the first one and measure around your child’s head so that it fits around snugly.

Pilgrims and Indians - Indian Headdress

Paper Bag Pilgrims

These fun paper bag Pilgrims were so easy to make! Here’s a list of what you will need:

  • Pilgrims and Indians - Paper bag PilgrimBrown paper bag
  • Two strips of orange construction paper
  • Two buckles made of yellow construction paper
  • A pilgrim hat made of black construction paper
  • A head
  • Two wiggly eyes

First attach the head to the paper bag. Glue the hat on next, followed by one orange strip, and then a yellow buckle. Add the second orange strip to your pilgrim’s belly, and then glue on the second buckle. Finally, add the two wiggly eyes, then let your little one draw on a smile. Super cute and extremely easy!

Pilgrims and Indians - Paper bag Pilgrim

Hand Print Mayflower

I absolutely love making hand print crafts. The hand print Mayflower is one that I’ve done with the kids in previous years and I always love how they come out. It’s also fun to look back and see how much they’ve grown since last year! To make this craft, have your child glue blue tissue paper onto the bottom of a sheet of white construction paper. Next, paint your child’s hand brown and have them stamp it (with their fingers spread apart) onto the paper. Have them glue white squares (the sails) onto the three middle fingers. That’s all it takes to make this adorable craft!

Pilgrims and Indians - Hand print Mayflower

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!