Polar Animals Preschool Theme – Crafts and Books

Polar Animals Preschool Theme - Penguins

Now that Winter is here, it’s the perfect time to teach little ones all about Polar Animals.  Here are some of the fun crafts we made during the week of our Polar Animals Preschool Theme, along with some great books!


Depending on your child’s age, you can either cut out the following shapes ahead of time or have them cut them out with you to make these adorable penguins.

  • Large Oval – Body
  • Smaller Oval – Belly
  • Small Triangle – Beak
  • Two long triangles – Wings
  • Webbed Feet
  • You will also need wiggly eyes

Have your child glue the pieces together to make their penguin. My boys are 15 months apart in age and I really love seeing the differences in their crafts!

Polar Animals Preschool Theme - PenguinsPolar Animals Preschool Theme - Penguins


This Caribou/Reindeer is so easy to make. All you’ll need is white construction paper and brown paint. Have your child paint their foot brown and step onto the paper. Next, have them paint their hands brown and stamp them onto each side of their foot print to make the caribou’s antlers. Add two wiggly eyes and a black pom pom for the nose.

Polar Animals Preschool Theme - Caribou

Polar Bear Paw

Cut a piece of white construction into the shape of a bear paw. Have your child glue white tissue paper squares onto the paw. Next, have them add five claws and the paw pads. This craft is great for working on those fine motor skills!

Polar Animals Preschool Theme - Polar Bear


To make this walrus, cut a paper plate into the shape of the walrus’ head. Cut out the walrus’ nose/mouth from brown construction paper, and the tusks from white construction paper. Have your child paint the paper plate brown. Once the paint dries, they can glue all of the pieces together and add wiggly eyes.

Polar Animals Preschool Theme - WalrusPolar Animals Preschool Theme - Walrus


I is for Igloo. Cut out the letter I from blue construction paper. Next, have your child cut out white squares and glue them onto the I. Add a black half circle for the igloos door way.

Polar Animals Preschool Theme - Igloo

Polar Animals Preschool Theme Books

National Geographic Readers: Polar Bears

Busy Penguins

In Arctic Waters

Way Up In The Arctic

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear

Animal Babies In Polar Landspickease_web_ebook-cta-(640).v1a-02