Preschool Letters Crafts: A – I

Preschool Letters Crafts - E

Have fun teaching Preschool Letters to your little one by turning them into fun crafts! Here are some great ideas for Preschool Letters Crafts: A – I.

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A Is For Alligator

Have your little one turn the letter A into this adorable Alligator. Draw a capital A onto a sheet of white paper. Turn the paper on it’s side and have your child glue green squares of construction paper on the A. Next, have them add white triangles for the alligators teeth. Complete the alligator by drawing on two eyes.

Preschool Letters Crafts - A

B Is For Bear

To make this little bear, cut out the letter B, six circles, and one oval from brown construction paper. Have your child glue the circles on to make the ears, hands, and feet. Add the oval to the middle for the bears snout. Add a pink triangle to make the nose and two white ovals for the eyes. Let your child draw on the claws and smile.

Preschool Letters Crafts - B

C Is For Caterpillar

This cute caterpillar was made by cutting the letter C out of construction paper. We then cut circles out of some other colored paper and glued them around the C. Two black strips were added to the caterpillars head to make the antennas. Have your child draw on eyes and a smile.

Preschool Letters Crafts - C

D Is For Duck

With yellow construction paper, cut out the letter D, a circle, and two wings. With orange construction paper, cut out a triangle and two webbed feet. Have your child glue the pieces in the appropriate places. Add two wiggly eyes to complete your duck!

Preschool Letters Crafts - D

E Is For Eagle

To make this Eagle, cut an E out of brown construction paper, a head to fit over the top of the E with white construction paper, an orange beak and orange feet. Trace your child’s hands onto a lighter shade of brown construction paper, and cut out. Have your child glue the pieces onto the letter E. Add two wiggly eyes and your have a super cute Eagle to hang on the wall!

Preschool Letters Crafts - E

F Is For Fish

This simple fish was made by cutting the letter F out of orange construction paper, and the fins, tail. and lips out of yellow construction paper. Have your child glue the yellow pieces onto the F. Add a wiggle eye and your fish is complete.

Preschool Letters Crafts - F

G Is For Grapes

Draw a letter G onto a sheet of white paper. Cut a bunch of circle out of purple construction paper to make your grapes. Have your child fill in the G with the purple circles. Add a green stem to the top.

Preschool Letters Crafts - G

H Is For Horse

I love this happy little horse! To make him, I cut out the letter H, an oval for the head, and two small triangles for ears out of brown construction paper. Also, cut out a mane, tail, and hooves from black construction paper. Have your child glue everything together and add on a wiggly eye. My son insisted on adding two eyes. Lastly, have your child draw on a smile.

Preschool Letters Crafts - H

I Is For Igloo

To make this igloo, cut out an I from blue construction paper. Next, cut out white squares to make ice blocks. Have your child fill in the I with the white squares. Add a black door to complete your igloo.

Preschool Letters Crafts - I

I hope you have fun making these adorable Preschool Letters crafts! Happy learning!