Shark Sandwich – A Fun Idea For Kids Lunch

Shark Shaped Sandwich for Kids, great toddler recipe idea

Kids can’t resist a great looking sandwich! This week I made their Nutella and banana sandwich look like a shark. Very fitting as Shark Week is in full swing. This recipe is fun and easy to make.

– 2 pieces of bread
– Nutella to spread
– 1 Banana cut up into pieces
– Handful of blueberries
– Cucumber for eyes and teeth

First make the sandwich with nutella and banana. Then cut out the body of the shark. Use the remaining pieces to create the fins and tail. You can use the cucumber to create eyes and teeth. For the water I placed blueberries around the plate.

This recipe is great for children who are picky eaters. Cutting the sandwich up into little pieces makes them easy to pick up with a Pick-Ease. The fun characters make mealtime more fun. If you like this recipe make sure to also check out how to make a fun strawberry crab or how to make a fruit snail snack.