Slater Memorial Park in Pawtucket, RI

Slater Memorial Park

Growing up, Slater Memorial Park in Pawtucket, RI was one of my favorite parks to go to. Now, years later, I thoroughly enjoy taking my own children there. Slater Memorial Park is so much more than just an awesome playground for kids. From visiting the farm animals, to searching for frogs, there’s just so much to do! 

Adventure Playground

Slater Memorial ParkWhen you hear the word “Park”, you think slides and swings so I’ll start there. Years ago, the playground at Slater Memorial Park used to consist of wooden play equipment. Although it was lots of fun to play on, I can’t remember ever leaving without a splinter or skinned knee. Since then, they have upgraded to some pretty amazing equipment and named the play area “Adventure Playground”. Aside from two entrances, Adventure Playground is fully fenced in. On one end of the playground there is a huge jungle gym consisting of 7 slides, 2 bridges, and multiple ladders and climbers. On the left side is a large net made of rope. The kids love challenging themselves to see how high they can climb, and if they can make it across the rope ladder! There is also a second rope climber to the right (not pictured).Slater Memorial ParkOn the other end of Adventure Playground there is a small toddler sized jungle gym. On this one, you’ll find three slides, a small bridge, and a few different ladders/climber. On the left side, there is also a small picnic table under the slide. My boys love playing “restaurant” under there and serving each other mulch. Slater Memorial ParkYou’ll also find two sets of swings at Adventure Playground, along with an awesome rock wall. It’s pretty amazing to watch my boys get higher and higher on the rock wall each year!Slater Memorial Park

Daggett Farm

To the left of Adventure Playground, you’ll find Daggett Farm. Daggett Farm is a cute little farm which houses donkeys, pigs, a couple horses, a cow, goats, turkeys, ducks, rabbits, and more. Although you’re not allowed to feed these animals, little ones love visiting each of them. My boys love the turkey the most. When you gobble at it, it almost always gobbles back!Slater Memorial ParkDaggett Farm is also a great spot for younger children to play. Many people have donated climbers, slides, seesaws, and ride-on toys, making this the perfect play area for toddlers. At the back of the farm is an entrance to a garden. This area can be rented out for birthday parties. If it’s not being rented out on the day of your visit, feel free to take a walk through. It’s very pretty! Also, be sure to bring a few coins with you to Daggett Farm. There a few water fountains and ponds that the kids like to toss coins in and make wishes! Slater Memorial Park

Feeding the Ducks

Slater Memorial Park is definitely our go to place when we want to feed the ducks! The scenery is beautiful and there are always lots of ducks, geese, and swans there looking for food!Slater Memorial Park

Catching Frogs

Across the street from the pond at Slater Memorial Park there is a path that not many people know about. The path leads to an area where we like to go to search for frogs. This area is absolutely beautiful. There are a couple wooden and stone bridges along the way. You’ll also see lots of lily pads. cattails, and dragonflies!Slater Memorial Park

Looff Carousel

The Looff Carousel was built in 1895 and installed in Slater Memorial Park in 1910. In 1978, the carousel was restored. This is my boys’ favorite carousel. Others they have been on play music entirely way too loud, but not this one! I love that they only charge .50/ride! You can also purchase popcorn at the carousel, and they usually have an ice cream and lemonade cart right outside the carousel.Slater Memorial Park

Food at Slater Memorial Park

Right outside of Daggett Farm, you’ll find a full concession stand where you can get burgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, etc. There’s also an ice cream stand, and a clam shack! Ice cream is my weakness so we have to stop there every time we visit Slater Memorial Park!

Slater Memorial ParkOn top of everything I’ve listed, you’ll also find baseball fields, tennis courts, bike trails, a dog park, lots of picnic areas, and swan boats at Slater Memorial Park! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve pulled all of these images from numerous different trips we’ve taken. There is just so much to do in this one place that it would be impossible to do them all in one day! If you haven’t been to this amazing park yet, I strongly recommend you give it a shot! You won’t be disappointed!

Slater Memorial Park