19 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids (No Candy!)

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids - Pin Art

As a kid, my Christmas stocking was always filled with candy, which I loved of course. For my boys though, I try to find things other than candy to put in their stockings. I’ve put together a list of all my favorite Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids, and the types of things I put in my boys’ stockings every year.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids 

Balancing Bird – This little bird will balance on practically any surface! This is a great way to teach your child about gravity, while having fun!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids - Balance Bird

Koosh Balls – Koosh balls are lots of fun for all ages! They’re soft and light and perfect for both indoor and outdoor play! The OgoSport Soft Balls brand are great quality and very reasonably priced!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids - Ogo Soft Ball

Liquid Motion Toy – Santa brought my boys these fun liquid motion toys last year and they still play with them a few times a week. They are three and four years old and they love to watch the little drops of colored water make their way down to the bottom. It just never gets old! They also like to hold the toys across their faces, like glasses, and look at each other’s magnified eyes!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids - Liquid Motion Toy

Pin Art – I remember playing with these when I was little, and find myself still intrigued by them! My boys love making lots of different patterns with the plastic pins of this pin art toy. They use their hands, their toys, and even their faces! Such fun!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids - Pin Art

Spindle Wand – This is such a simple toy but it will keep your little ones attention for quite some time! The “bubble” that the ribbons on the spindle wand make is definitely mesmerizing!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids - Spindle Wand

Bath Crayons – My boys love the water and love art so bath crayons are a must in our house. These are the best ones I’ve found so far. They’re easy to clean and they don’t immediately dissolve in the water!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids - Bath Crayons

Bubbles – Bubbles are always wanted by little ones and make a great stocking stuffer. To make ordinary bubbles even better, use Bubble Thing’s Big Bubble Mix! We LOVE this stuff!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids - Bubbles

Play-Doh – You can’t lose with Play-Doh. There’s nothing better than a freshly opened can and the mini containers are the perfect size for stockings!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids - Play Doh

Tattoos/Stickers – Tattoos and stickers are sure to please any child!

Coloring Supplies – Crayons, markers, and water color paints are also great stocking stuffers!

Color Bath Tabs – Getting my boys into the bathtub is never a battle , but if that’s something you are struggling with, try color bath tabs! These little tablets turn the bath water lots of fun colors! My boys really love mixing different tabs to see which colors they can make.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids -Bath Tabs

Bubble Bath – You can never have enough of this stuff in the house when you have little ones!

Toy Accessories (Imaginext/Lego/Etc) – Little action figures that can be used with larger toys are perfect for stockings!

Reading Lights – My boys aren’t always tired at bedtime, so I occasionally let them look at books in their beds for a little while before turning out the lights. I really love theseLucky Bums Head Lamps for that reason!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids - Head Lamp

Flash Cards – Flash cards are always fun to add to stockings. I really love the Brain Quest sets and you can buy them for any age!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids - Brain Quest

A Watch – Although my boys can’t tell time, they love wearing watches!

Fun Toothbrush – Throwing a fun character toothbrush into your child’s stocking is always a great idea!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids - Toothbrush

Pick-Ease – These adorable kid-friendly picks are sure to bring some fun to mealtimes, making them a “must have” for the picky eater in your life, or any child for that matter!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids - Pick-Ease

Snacks – If you don’t want to add candy to your stocking, there are plenty of healthy snacks that you could include. My boys love Annies Organic Fruit Snacks!

I hope you’ve found this list helpful! Happy Holidays!