Superhero Birthday Party Ideas – Avengers & Power Rangers

Superhero Birthday Party

Last year my oldest son was obsessed with Frozen. This year, at age 5, it’s Superheroes. The Avengers and Power Rangers, to be specific. To my surprise, when I started researching “Superhero Birthday Party Ideas”, I couldn’t find many that I liked. This meant that I had to get creative. Personally, I love party planning so this was lots of fun for me. In this blog post, I’ll show you how you can pull together an amazing birthday party for your little Superhero. 

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Superhero Birthday Party Decorations

Because my son couldn’t decide between Power Rangers and The Avengers, I decided to combine them both into a Superhero Birthday Party. For this party, I purchased all of our decorations from They had a great selection for both the Power Rangers and The Avengers and I was able to find a coupon code online for 20% off and free shipping. I purchased a Power Rangers birthday banner which could be personalized with your child’s age on it. I also found a Power Rangers backdrop which I hung behind the food tables. All of the tables were covered with either a Power Rangers or an Avengers table cloth, and I hung Power Rangers and The Avengers swirl decorations from the tents. Of course, we also had balloons. I never go crazy with the balloons though. I just tie a few to the birthday boy’s chair and a couple to the lamppost in front of our house. I usually just purchase colored plates and cups to match our theme but for this party I purchased both Power Rangers and The Avengers tableware.

Superhero Birthday Party

Superhero Birthday Party Food Ideas

I always have a themed food table at my parties but when it came to themed Superhero Birthday Party food ideas, there really weren’t that many posted online so I had to create my own. I basically just named our usual party foods after superhero characters and made matching food cards to go along with them. Here’s what I came up with:

“Hawkeye Sandwiches” – Tuna salad, chicken salad, and seafood salad finger sandwiches.Superhero Birthday Party Food Ideas - Avengers“Loki Mac & Cheese” – You can’t have a superhero birthday party without at least one bad guy. Loki is my son’s favorite bad guy so we included him in our party.Superhero Birthday Party Food Ideas - Avengers“Captain America’s Shield” – I placed a star shaped cookie cutter in the middle of a large platter cover and filled it with marshmallows. I then added blueberries around the star and then a circle of strawberries, more marshmallows, and finally more strawberries. Everyone loved this!Superhero Birthday Party Food Ideas“Black Widow Pizza” – Drawing some black widow spiders onto the pizza boxes was a super easy way to turn this party favorite into a great themed food.Superhero Birthday Party Food Ideas - Avengers“Power Rangers Pasta Salad” – All of our party foods were Avengers themed, except for this one. I used colored pasta and added ingredients in the Power Rangers colors. Black olives, red, yellow, and green peppers, white cheese cubes, red cherry tomatoes and chopped onions. Yummy!Superhero Birthday Party Food Ideas - Power Rangers“Thor’s Hammer” – I simply stuck pretzel sticks into cheese cubes to create these adorable hammers!Superhero Birthday Party Food Ideas - Avengers“Nick Fury Eye Patches” – Nick Fury was also a must-have for my son. I was really drawing a blank of this one and my husband suggested Oreo eye patches. Worked for me! Superhero Birthday Party Food Ideas - Avengers“The Avengers” – I actually found some Cheez-its with the Avengers characters stamped onto them. Perfect!Superhero Birthday Party Food Ideas - Avengers

Superhero Birthday Party Drink Ideas

Green and Red Gatorade worked great for “Hulk Punch” and “Iron Man Drink”.Superhero Birthday Party Drink Ideas - Avengers

Superhero Birthday Cake

When deciding on the cake, I showed my son a bunch of cake ideas I found on Pinterest. He pointed out the ones he liked and told me what he liked about each of them. I made little notes and created a cake that had all of his favorites pulled together. Instead of wrapping the entire cake in fondant, I used my homemade buttercream frosting and smoothed it out to make it look like fondant. There were instructions on how to create the Hulk hand from Rice Krispie Treats but I failed miserably at that. In the end, I made a ball out of aluminum foil and covered it with fondant, forming the fingers to make it look like a closed fist. Not my best work but I think it still came out decent. The black widow spider, Hawkeye bow and arrow, Iron man light, Captain America’s shield, and Thor’s Hammer and Cape were all made from fondant. The red and blue stripes were also made from fondant. My son absolutely LOVED his cake and that made me so happy!  Superhero Birthday Cake - Avengers

Superhero Birthday Entertainment

As with all of our birthday parties, we rented a bounce house for the kids. We also had our kiddie pool set up so the kids could cool off after jumping around. I always give my boys the option to have an ice cream sundae bar or a cotton candy machine at their party and my son choose cotton candy this time. We rented the cotton candy machine from the same place we got the bouncy house from – A to Z Rentals. We’ve been renting from them for years and have never been disappointed. Lastly, we had the Pink Power Ranger show up at our party. She is my son’s favorite ranger so he was pretty excited (and quite a bit shy). I actually purchased the costume on Amazon and a cousin of mine dressed up for the appearance. She did an amazing job – cartwheels and Power Ranger moves! The kids really loved it. Superhero Birthday PartySuperhero Birthday Party

Our Superhero Birthday Party was definitely a huge success. Everyone really enjoyed themselves, and as always, I really enjoy gathering our family and friends and spending the day together. We are so lucky to have so many amazing people in our lives.

Superhero Birthday Party