10 Valentines Day Crafts For Preschoolers

Valentines Day Crafts

Valentines Day is right around the corner so get ready to make lots and lots of Valentines Day Crafts! These Valentines Day Crafts make great gifts for moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and teachers! Who doesn’t love receiving a homemade craft from their favorite little one?

I Love You To Pieces 

To make this Valentines Day Craft, cut out a heart shape from pink construction paper. Next cut little squares from red, pink, and white paper. Have your child glue the squares onto the heart. On the back of the heart, write “I Love You To Pieces” and have your child write their name.

Valentines Day Crafts

Toilet Paper Roll Hearts

Press in the middle of a toilet paper roll to make it heart shaped. Wrap tape around it to hold the shape. Have your child dip the TP roll into paint and stamp onto a sheet of paper to make an adorable heart collage.

Valentines Day Crafts

Tissue Paper Heart

This craft was made by cutting out heart shapes from red card stock. My boys then glued pieces of pink and white tissue paper onto the hearts.

Valentines Day Crafts

Bee Mine

I absolutely love this adorable bumble bee! To make this with your little one, have the following pieces cut out ahead of time. A yellow oval for the body, two yellow hearts for the wings, three black strips for the stripes, and a red heart. Have your child glue the pieces together in the appropriate places. Next, draw on a smile face and write “Bee Mine” on the red heart.

Valentines Day Crafts

Button Heart

My boys love button crafts and this cute button heart craft kept them busy for quite some time. I purchase our craft buttons from Oriental Trading. We go through so many, and they sell them at a great price.

Valentines Day Crafts

Coffee Filter Hearts

These coffee filter hearts were really fun to make. Anything that includes water is always a hit with my boys. To make your own coffee filter hearts, simply cut a heart shape out of a coffee filter and have your child color it in with washable markers. Once they’re finished, have them spray the coffee filter with water to make the colors spread around. Be careful though – too much water will make the colors run right off. Be sure to place a paper towel under your heart before you spray it to contain some of the mess.


Valentine Hand Tree

We actually made this craft last year too. I loved it so much that I kept it hanging up on our wall until Christmas! I decided to make another one this year so I could see how much their hands have grown. To make this craft, trace your child’s hand and arm onto black paper and then cut out. Glue the hand onto a sheet of white paper and have them decorate the paper with hearts. I purchased heart stickers from the dollar store. They were perfect for this craft!

Valentines Day Crafts

Do-A-Dot Art Heart

The Do-A-Dot Art markers are a huge hit with my boys! They had so much fun stamping little colorful dots all over their heart cut out.

Valentines Day Crafts

Heart Sun Catchers

For Christmas we made Christmas Tree Sun Catchers that looked so cute in our windows, that I decided to have the kids make them again for Valentine’s Day. I cut a heart shape out of red card stock and stuck it onto laminating paper. I then had the kids place pieces of tissue paper onto the sticky part. Once they were finished, I added a second sheet of laminating paper to seal it. A ribbon was added to the top of the heart to hang it in the window.

Valentines Day Crafts

Hand Print & Foot Print Love

What a special keepsake this Valentines Day Craft makes. Simply stamp your child’s hand to make the “o” and their feet to make the “v”. Paint on the “L” and “e”. Be sure to write your child’s name and the date on the back to you can look back and remember how small they once were… Love…

Valentines Day Crafts

Happy Valentine’s Day!