Easy Zoo Animal Crafts For Preschoolers

Zoo Animal Crafts - Giraffe

This past week, my preschoolers and I talked about all the animals we like to see at the zoo. Some favorites were giraffes, elephants, bears, and tigers. We then created some fun Zoo Animal Crafts. Take a look and try to make some of these with your little ones!

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Zoo Animal Crafts


These adorable lions were so fun to make! Instead of using paint brushes, we used plastic forks to make our lions’ mane. I mixed together orange and yellow washable tempera paint in a paper plate and let the kids press their forks into the mixture and then stamp them around their lions’ head. Once the paint was dry, they each drew faces onto their lions.

Zoo Animal Crafts - Lion


The kids had lots of fun making these giraffes. I cut out the shaped pictured below ahead of time and then had them glue the pieces in the appropriate spots to build their giraffe. Once the giraffes were together, they stamped spots onto them using Do-A-Dot Art markers. These markers are definitely a favorite around here and I would highly recommend getting a set for your little one!

Zoo Animal Crafts - Giraffe


To make these zebras, I printed out a zebra template from The Art For Young Children blog. I then had the kids paint black stripes onto their zebra. We then talked about how a zebra’s stripes are just like our finger prints – no two zebras look exactly alike.

Zoo Animal Crafts - Zebra


“5 Little Monkeys Jumping On A Bed” is a favorite of every preschooler so we incorporated the song into our Monkey theme. I found a great printable online and had the kids color in the five monkeys on their page. They then cut out the moneys and glued them onto the bed.

Zoo Animal Crafts - Monkeys


This was one of my favorite Zoo Animal Crafts. I absolutely love Elmer The Elephant so of course, that’s what I choose to go with when it came time to talk about elephants. Before our craft, we read Elmer. This is one of our favorite books. Next, I found an awesome color by number printable on EarlyLearningHQ.org. This was great practice for the kids!

Zoo Animal Craft - Elephant

With all the snow we’ve gotten recently, we are all looking forward to Spring time and lots of fun trips to the zoo!